About us

RideLink aims to decrease single-person car usage at UCT, enabling students and staff to get to campus with minimal impact on their pocket and the environment.

Our mission is to drive change by promoting carpooling as a means to cut carbon emissions, increase on-campus parking and save cash.

RideLink has partnered with Findalift, the first implementer of specialised ridesharing solutions in South Africa, to make carpooling to UCT safe and easy.

RideLink simply provides the travel information to help you find others travelling your way - It is up to you how you would like to share the costs, just remember that making a profit is illegal. Car owners should also check with their insurers to confirm they are correctly insured.

RideLink is a division of UCT’s Green Campus Intiative. Started in 2007, the Green Campus Initiative (GCI) aims to bring about lasting change and to make the University of Cape Town a more environmentally-friendly institution.

For more information on Green Campus Intiative and RideLink or to join our dynamic team visit http://www.greening.uct.ac.za/gci/who