Welcome to RideLink - the rideshare group for UCT students and staff

FindaLift, in conjunction with RideLink, has created a rideshare group for UCT students and staff, making it safe and easy for registered members to share lifts to campus.

RideLink is:

  • A free online service that enables registered users to share lifts to campus
  • A secure and private system, limited to UCT staff and students

It helps you to:

  • - Automatically match journeys online
  • - Save money on petrol
  • - Reduce carbon emissions and congestion
  • - Park hassle-free on campus

Registered members can create journeys on the system and ‘search for matches’. Once you find a suitable match, you can decide to form a carpool.You can also carpool with the greater FindaLift community, if need be.

Register for free today to share lifts.

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